Open Source at RxTx

At RxTx, we develop our solutions by using and extending free and open-source software. We strongly believe in keeping the software free and open source as we use, modify, and enhance it to fit our needs. The software will be listed here as it matures from staging.

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Our fork of rDock (LGPLv3), rewritten using C++11. Continuing the great work done by the rDock project, RxDock is using Meson for building and automatically downloading missing or outdated dependancies as wrapped libraries, testing with Catch2, logging by spdlog and fmt, linear algebra by Eigen and optimization methods by CppOptimizationLibrary, and documentation written in reStructuredText and built by Sphinx into HTML format and PDF.

Future: New command-line interface using Clara is in early stages of design and prototyping. Documentation generated from annotated source code using Doxygen is planned.

Note: Rebrand is still in progress so expect the software to still be called rDock in many places in the documentation and the code.

Documentation in HTML format Documentation in PDF GitLab GitHub (read-only mirror)